How to Create A Simple and Effective Sales Funnel That Increases Customer Value While Building Trust And Credibility

The problem with most sales funnels is that they are too complicated, convoluted and confusing to actually work.

Not only can they be confusing to you, but they can be confusing to your prospect too.

And a confused mind usually says no.

That’s why I created the Ideal Sales Funnel.

It’s a Super Simple but highly effective Sales Funnel.

The Ideal Sales Funnel is a completely new way of designing sales funnel.

That’s because you focus on delivering value up front before you ever ask your prospect to buy anything.

And even if they never buy anything they still get tremendous value just by going through your sales funnel.

The funny thing is…

The more value your client receives the more likely they are to take you up on your high end core offer.

The secret to the success of the Ideal Funnel is its simplicity.

It consists of just 5 main parts that all work together to turn leads and prospects into clients and customers.

Inside this course you’ll discover exactly how the Ideal Sales Funnel works from the initial hook to the buy button.

The five main parts:

  The value magnet

The lead magnet

The introductory offer

The follow-up

The core offer

But what makes the Ideal Funnel work is not just its simplicity.

What makes it work is the value your prospect receives while they are going through your funnel.

Your sales funnel is most effective when your prospects feel like they get a ton of value whether they buy anything or not.

So don’t be afraid to deliver value up front. The more value you provide while your prospect is in your funnel the more you will sell.

In the Ideal Sales Funnel you’re delivering value to your prospect at every step along the way. That way when they reach your high-value core offer they will be warmed up and ready to say yes to your offer.

I’ll show you step-by-step how to design a simple automated sales funnel.

You’ll discover:

How to design your value magnet.

How to develop a killer headline that will draw readers in.

Why quality graphics are important.

How to get more shares and referrals.

How to promote your value magnet.

The 7 kinds of lead magnets and how to decide which one is right for your business.

Why you won’t need to sell your premium offer. You can merely suggest it.

What to do if someone doesn’t take you up on your introductory offer.

What to do if someone doesn’t take you up on your premium offer.

This course will show you exactly how to create an Ideal Sales Funnel. Everything is clear and concise with no fluff and no filler. Just simple action steps you can take to create your funnel.

You’ll see exactly what to do and when to do it.

How to hook prospects in and grab their attention with a high quality piece of content that is loaded with value.

How to get them to give you their name and email with a lead magnet that is irresistible.

How to present your introductory offer.

How to create a sequence of nurturing emails that warms up your prospect for your core offer so that they’ll be ready to accept as soon as you mention it.

How to present your premium offer.

When you put an automated sales funnel in place you’ll be making sales automatically 24/7 while your sales funnel does the heavy lifting.

You’ll be working less hours. Not more.

This all new way of creating sales funnels will change your business and your life forever.

You’ll get more of everything.

More leads

More clients

More sales

More time

More freedom

When you’ve completed this course you’ll know exactly how to create and design your sales funnel.

You’ll clearly see how all these components work and how to tie it everything together:

Your landing page

Your lead magnet

Your thank you page

Your follow-up sequence

Your sales page

The end goal of your sales funnel is to sell your high-value core offer.

When you begin your funnel with that end goal in mind your client is naturally led down the path to your core offer.

You’ll see how to create a core offer that clients can’t say no to.

And how to create an introductory offer that changes the relationship from www prospect to client (and why that’s extremely important).

The key to attracting more dream clients is not in the complexity of your sales funnel. It’s in the psychology behind it.

That’s what makes the Ideal Sales Funnel work.

It’s easy to create and set up.

And it’s easy to get consistent results.

Once you have an Ideal Sales Funnel in place you’ll start to create a pipeline of highly qualified leads.

Not everyone will be a good fit for your core offer. But that doesn’t mean you can’t offer them other products and services later on down the road.

When you design your funnel using the Ideal Sales Funnel formula you automatically build trust with your prospect. This leads to referrals, testimonials and social sharing.

Which means even more clients for you.

When you put an Ideal Sales Funnel in place you have the opportunity to let people know about all of the products and services you offer. People don’t always know all the ways you can help them.

Once you’ve built trust through your sales funnel people will happily pay you to add value to their lives.

Your sales funnel will not only bring in new clients.

Your funnel will also build a relationship with your existing clients and bring them back to do business with you again.

Your sales funnel educates your clients on your higher value products and services that would benefit them more than your lower value competitors.

When you put an Ideal Sales Funnel in place you will instantly gain stability and credibility.

You will be seen as an authority.

Your sales funnel allows you to engage clients and build a relationship with them.

When you’re creating your sales funnel always keep the end goal in mind…

Selling your core offer.

When you get the first steps of your funnel in place correctly you don’t have to put a lot of effort into selling your core offer.

You only need to suggest that clients take a look at it.

The ones that your offer is right for will select it themselves.

Your email sequence is the fuel that powers your sales funnel. You’ll see how to design an email sequence that sells on autopilot.

You’ll be shown how to create an email sequence that sells softly without being salesy.

You’ll discover how to attract people with value rich content that leaves them wanting more and primes them for your next offer.

You’ll see how to design a “Thank You + Reward” page and why it’s so highly effective in your sales process.

There are 7 basic types of lead magnets. You’ll discover how to decide which one is right for your business.

And you’ll see how to create a lead magnet that people can’t resist.

Before you create your sales funnel it’s important to figure out exactly what people want. That way you can tailor your funnel and your offer so that it gives them what they want.

Inside the course you’ll see how to uncover the issues your client is facing and find out what it is they really want.

No more guesswork and no more trial and error.

You’ll see how to create content that primes clients to show up credit card in hand ready to buy.

You’ll see how to be consistent all the way through your funnel from the first headline to the core offer so that more people will buy from you.

The look and feel of your design is an important part of your sales funnel. See how to choose and arrange your design to maximize sales.

And how to naturally blend design elements into your long form sales copy.

Not everyone will opt in for your lead magnet. Only some of those will take your introductory offer, and fewer still will buy your core offer…

At least the first time around.

You’ll discover how to set up an automated system that attracts them back to you…

Even if they never gave you their email address,

You’ll also hear about a little known one of a kind automated message system that allows you to practically personally engage with potential clients (without having to actually personally do it one on one).

Everything is spelled out step by step in plain English.

There are no tech skills required.

If you can send an email and edit a page on your website you can create and design an Ideal Sales Funnel.

But this course is not for everyone.

If your main selling point is that you have the lowest price then this course isn’t for you.

And if you’re selling commodities like computers or insurance this course isn’t for you

So who is this course for?

The Ideal Sales Funnel Course is right for you if your business falls into one or more of these categories:

Professional services especially high value services.

Coaching or consulting

Digital products

Learning and educational programs

Physical products that are unique or not widely known

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Discover how to create a simple sales funnel that warms up prospects and gets them ready to buy.

Just 1 idea in this course could easily be worth $1,000.00 to you. And this course is filled with dozens of ideas.