copywriting case study










I LOVE biz case studies.

Something about watching sales increase on a chart…it makes me happy.

I also think they look great in portfolios.

Here’s what I’d like to do:

Take a look at an existing piece of sales copy you are using right now.

Create a makeover that takes a deep dive into your offer, your audience, your headline and your copy.

Then use the stats to create a case study that highlights the changes that will increase your sales conversions.


My ideal Partner:


* Tracks traffic and conversion stats


* Has an existing sales funnel


* Wouldn’t mind sharing their numbers in a case study



You’d receive copywriting at no charge plus my appreciation.

I’d also feature a link to your site on my portfolio, of course.

Just reply and tell me the #1 thing you’d like me to look at in your copy right now.

You can get in touch here.