So you’ve got this shiny new product and you’re ready to release it to the world. Maybe it fits into a box and you can ship it by UPS, or maybe it is a cool new piece of software, or a learning program or some expert consulting or coaching. It doesn’t really matter that much what it is.

All you need to do is tell the world about it and they’ll beat a path to your door, or your website, or your eBay store. You’ve perfected the better mousetrap after all.


So what do you do now, Tweople?

Head over to Twitter and post a bunch of Tweets extolling the virtues of your new mousetrap. Each Tweet gives another feature or benefit of said mousetrap. And every Tweet contains a link back to your sales page filled with carefully tweaked sales copy, stunning product photos and a prominent Buy Now button.

Then just wait for the orders to start rolling in — and wait — and wait.

The truth is this kind of marketing never works on Twitter. It just makes you look like a spammer. Well, if the shoe fits…

You see, Twitter is more about conversation. It is more about arousing curiosity than closing sales.

There is nothing wrong with using Twitter to find clients. It’s just a matter of how you go about it. You have to let people find you on Twitter – instead of using Twitter to find them.
How to Get People to Notice You on Twitter
So, how do you do that?

Link to your blog or website from your Twitter bio. If you don’t have a website you can get a WordPress blog or site set up for cheap at Top Blog Setup.

Then you can start by answering questions and giving advice. Use the Twitter search box to find a conversation related to whatever it is you’re selling.

Then send out Tweets that give information and tips related to whatever it is you are offering.

People are naturally curious, and the people who are genuine prospects for your offer will reply to your comments, ask you questions, and click on the link in your bio.

People interested in your Tweets will follow you giving you the ability to interact with them using Twitter direct messages.


It’s Not All About Business

Just don’t be all business all the time. Tell a joke. Post an interesting quote. Link to a news story. Let a little personality shine through.

Twitter is all about relationship marketing. Relationship first. Marketing second.

Have you used Twitter to market your business? I’d love to hear what kind of successes, or failures you have had using Twitter as a sales tool.