Your #1 goal when it comes to Facebook marketing is to get more customers for your business. But before you can make a sale you have to attract your prospects attention.

How do you do that? By posting useful or entertaining information.

When you post to your business page it shows up in the News Feed of people who have Liked your page. The News Feed is their personal home page. It is the first page Facebook users see when the log in.

But it gets a little tricky here. Let me show you why it important to post really great content.

When one of your fans logs onto Facebook she may notice your latest post. Or she may not.

Besides your latest update there are updates from her Friends, and other businesses she has Liked. If your post isn’t helpful to her, or solving a problem for her or entertaining she may ignore it.

But if it is a really great post she is more likely to Like it or Share it with her friends. When she does she is referring her Friends to you. Your post is now showing up in her Friend’s News Feeds.

Post only when you’ve got something really great to share. And never post just for the sake of “having something on Facebook.”

Post only your best stuff and people will freely share your content. But post a lot of fluff and people will simply ignore you. There is too much good content out there competing for your prospect’s attention.

I want you to think for a moment about a post that you made that got a lot of attention. Maybe it received quite a few Likes or Shares, or there were a ton of comments. What kind of post was that? I’d love to hear about it in the comments.