Getting your first 1000 fans on Facebook is hard. It takes time, and it takes persistence. But your next 5000 fans will come easier. That’s because social media is contagious. When someone Likes your page their friends see it. Since people are naturally curious some of those friends will check out your page, and some of those people will become fans too.

But your most loyal fans will actually take the time to recommend your page and share your content with their fans. These loyal fans will actually help you promote your page.

The word about your page will spread slowly at first, but if you keep it updated with interesting information that either entertains, informs or teaches then you will begin to build your fan base.

But before you go out trying to build up some massive number of fans you should keep in mind that some fans are worthless to you, and some are priceless.

Which fans are worthless to you? The ones who will never spend any money with you. The ones who only clicked on your Like button because of some dumb cat photo or some cute video that you posted.

You should set out to build your foundation of 1000 priceless loyal fans. These are the fans who are interested in spending money on what you have to offer.

These are the fans who will recommend your page and your business. These are the fans who will freely share your content, your posts and your updates.

Your #1 goal on Facebook, as a business, is to make more money. Not to gain some magical number of fans. Remember, you are on Facebook to find new customers. Not simply to grow a big fan list.

By focusing on getting only loyal fans you will know that everyone who Likes you actually wants to know more about your business. That’s why it’s okay to promote your business on social media. Not only is it okay, it is important that you promote your business on Facebook. If you don’t tell people about your offers, your specials and what you do there is no reason to be on Facebook as a business.

You just can’t promote every single time.

The people who complain about your promotions are the ones who will never spend a dime with you anyway. So what have you lost? That’s why some fans are worthless.

You’ve heard that it takes money to make money? Well it also takes fans to get fans. That is why the first 1000 fans are the hardest. So how do you get 1000 fans?

Here’s where to begin.

Start with the people that you already know. But only those that may be potential customers or clients. There is no point in spamming everyone on your friend list if you know they are not a good match for your business.

Take a look at people in your email address book or on your cell phone contact list. Who would be a qualified prospect for your business? Depending on what you are selling it may be all of them. But if you’re operating in a niche or specialty market you will need to pick and choose.

Let them know about your new Facebook business page and what it is you do, and ask them to become fans by Liking your page.

Take a look at your personal Facebook profile. Some of your friends will likely make great Fans for your business page. .

Post occasional updates about your business page in your status updates, and be sure to include a link to your business page. The key is to promote sparingly, and post only the most useful information. Remember, you are on the personal side of the fence here, not the business side.

Ask your family and your close friends to Like your page. They can be some of your best fans because they tend to go out of their way to recommend your page to others.

Facebook ads are a great way to reach highly-targeted niches allowing you to reach your ideal fan and your ideal customer. And you don’t need a big advertising budget. Even a small shop or a one woman freelance operation can see returns by investing $10 to $20 a week on Facebook ads.

Put a Facebook icon on your website. Include a link to your Facebook business page. But don’t make this one huge mistake that most businesses make. Don’t just link to your Facebook wall and hope that some of the people who click through will find the Like button at the top of the page and click on it.

You need to create a landing tab that encourages people to Like your page in exchange for something of value to them. The higher the perceived value, the more Likes you are going to get. It can be a discount coupon, a free report or a how-to guide. Think of your ideal customer and the problem they are trying to solve.

Include a question. The next time you post an update to your business page end with a question. People like to answer interesting questions, and when they do it shows in their feeds. When others see it they may find it interesting as well and visit your page.

Pose an imaginative question. Ask an open-ended question like “What’s the greatest ice cream flavor of all time. People love to give their opinion and will usually add a few comments. This shows up in their feed and gets their friends involved, too. For best results keep these questions creative and related to your business.

List questions. When you make people stop and think for a moment they have more reason to Like your page. If your business sells musical instruments you might ask “Who are the 3 greatest rock & roll drummers of all time. The key is to keep the question focused on your niche.

In your store. Display a Facebook logo or icon along with an incentive or offer for Liking your page along with your URL on Facebook. Be sure to go to your account settings first and set up a username for your page so that you will have a short URL that people can remember and be able to type in. It will be something like A QR code also works here and especially in places like a display window where people are passing by but may not even enter your shop. Once they learn a little more about you on Facebook they will be more inclined to stop in next time they pass.

How To Find Fans

On stage. Bands, comedians or any performing artist can find new audiences with Facebook by promoting their fan page on stage. Find a creative way to blend a Facebook icon into your promotional materials with a link to your page.

Call to action. Post your goal on your page and keep it up to date, “We’re out to get 1000 fans by the Fourth of July. So far we are at 588. You can help by clicking Like or sharing this with your friends.”

Try posting a slightly different version of this every few days. People really do want to help.

Ask. Sometimes you can get new fans just by asking, as long as you give people a reason to Like you. “Like us to be a part of the greatest motorcycle community on Facebook. Or “Like us to get 15% off your next order.”

Your email signature. You are using an email signature, aren’t you? Add your Facebook page URL to your email signature along with your other contact information. This is a great way to get new fans who may not know about your Facebook page.

Your email list. Not your personal email contacts. I’m talking about any emails you have collected off your website or from your present customers. Email them and give them a reason to Like you on Facebook.

Emails that simply say “Click here to Like our Facebook page” simply get deleted, or marked as spam by all but your most passionate supporters. To get people to click through and Like your page you’ll need to show them “what’s in it for me.” Offer an incentive that is only available to your fans. It doesn’t even have to cost you money, as long as people see a value in it.

Repeat this for maximum effectiveness. But not in every email broadcast you send. No one wants to be bombarded over and over to Like your page. Instead you should occasionally give people on your list a reason to Like your page. Once in every three emails is a good ratio. And give a different reason and benefit each time.

YouTube. People are on YouTube for 2 reasons. To be entertained or to be informed. If you can tie either of those to your business with a video you can drive traffic to your Facebook page with YouTube. Just add a link within the video to your Facebook page. If you have a YouTube channel you can include a clickable link to your Facebook page.

Twitter. On Twitter you can post a direct link to your Facebook page in your bio. When someone finds your tweet interesting or you answer a question.

You can configure your Facebook updates to automatically post to Twitter, too. If the message is over 140 characters the message will be automatically shortened with a link back to your Facebook page.

Ask for constructive criticism of what you’ve got going on. Are you introducing a new product or service? Ask for opinions on whether it is a good idea. This is a good way to get more fans and gauge interest in your mew project at the same time.

Put your message in an image. The most shared posts on Facebook are images. More people share photos than videos. If you have something to be said in just a few words put the text over an image. It really stands out in the news feed and will get more Likes and more new fans.

Use interesting photos. Posts with photos can get up to twice the Likes, shares and comments than the same post without a photo. And if the photo is highly interesting or controversial engagement can go through the roof.
Building engagement with your fans.

An engaged fan base is the quickest route to gaining new fans and keeping the fans you have now happy.

Engagement is a two way street. It occurs when you publish interesting content on your page, and a fan responds.

You are engaging your fans when they take an action based on something on your page. It could be making a purchase, joining your list, downloading your report or guide, leaving a comment on your post, Liking your update, posting something relevant or helpful on your wall or sharing a useful link, sharing your post with their friends or recommending you to their network.

The more that people are engaged, the more likely your updates are going to show up in their news feeds, and the feeds of their friends. Engagement is where viral sharing begins.

How do you build engagement?

Ask for opinions. When you share a link to a story or a photo ask people for their opinion. They will be more than happy to share it if it is on a subject they care about. Then you can respond in a helpful way.

Say thanks. When someone posts something interesting or helpful on your Page be sure to thank them. They will appreciate it.

Provide useful how to information. What problem do you solve for your customers over and over again? Share your story on how to solve that problem. It will build your credibility and keep your fans engaged and talking about you.

Link to helpful information and products. Is there a product or service that would be helpful to your customers, but is not in direct competition with your business? Or some information on performing a specific task? Link to it with a quick note giving your take or recommendation. Your fans will appreciate it and you will hear about it.

Hold a contest. You don’t even have to give anything away. The prize can be simply the pride of being the winner. Best photo, best question, best answer, the list goes on. What contest can you tie in with your niche?
Take a poll. This not only gives you a little insight on what your fans are thinking and what they like. It gives them the opportunity to share your poll with their friends.

Keep it real. Admit when you are wrong and move on. Your fans will take you more seriously when you are right if you can admit your mistakes.

Keep updates short and simple. A quick post of just a sentence or two will get more engagement than a long essay. Be brief and to the point.

Photos beg a response. More people engage with photos than any other kind of post. Do you have an interesting photo that relates to your business?
Ask a question. People love to get their two cents worth in.

Respond to questions and comments. When someone posts a question on your page be sure to answer it or offer a link to information that will be helpful.

Reply to comments posted on your page. You don’t have to reply to every comment individually. Instead choose the most meaningful comments and post a
personal reply. Often multiple comments will address the same issue, which can be answered in a single reply.

Use Facebook widgets.

Add Facebook widgets and plugins to your website and blog. People will be able to Like your fan page right on your site.

Create in interesting video. Create a short video that explains what your business is all about. Explain who would benefit most from what you offer, and why they should become a fan of your page. Keep it short and to the point.

Then create a custom landing tab on your Facebook page for new visitors and place your new video on it.

Encourage commenting. You don’t have to Like a page or story to leave a comment, but those who leave comments are more likely to Like your story or become a fan.

Post interesting content that encourage the discussion and watch your fan count grow.

Encourage photo tagging. Do you interact with clients or fans face to face? Think band or restaurant or storefront. Take plenty of photos and post them to your page, then ask people to tag themselves in the photos. Their friends will see the tag and many will stop by your page to take a look. This is a great technique to get new leads and customers.

Get new fans by text message. People can Like your page and become fans simply by texting Like [your username] or Fan [your username] to 32665 or
FBOOK. This is perfect for live performances and events where you have a large crowd. But it works well as a small sign for people in line at your shop or in your broadcast and print advertising.

Your forms and mailings. Take a look at all the business cards, printed forms and mailings that your customers come into contact with from your business. Make sure every form has a link to your Facebook page displayed prominently, ask them to join you on Facebook and give them a benefit for joining.

Leverage your existing advertising. Do you currently advertise in any of the following media: TV, radio, newspaper, magazine, direct mail, newsletter or promotional items? Be sure to brand everything with your Facebook URL.

Point of purchase. Do you have a store or business where your customers visit? Display in-store signs, banners and window decals encouraging your current customers to join you on Facebook. A small sign by the cash register or at the reception desk with the Facebook logo and your URL can grab plenty of attention and new fans. Be sure to include a QR code to encourage immediate action on mobile devices.

@ tagging. When someone leaves a comment or asks a question use the @ tag when you reply. Just type the @ followed by the first few letters of the person’s name (with no spaces). A list will pop up. Choose the name and it appears as a linked item in your reply. They will also receive a notification that you replied, giving you the opportunity to keep the conversation going.

And if you are a fan of your business page you can @ tag it from your personal profile.

When posting on a friend’s walls or other fan pages you can also @ tag your posts and link back to your own page.

Capture more leads from your Facebook page.

Traffic to your page is pretty much useless if the visitor doesn’t Like your page or somehow engage with you.

The biggest mistake you can make with your Facebook page is to send traffic to your wall. You need to create a customized landing tab on your Facebook page and send all your traffic there. You will need to set this as your default landing tab in your page settings so that when people who are not yet fans arrive to your page this is where they land. No matter how many someone visits your page, this is the tab they will land on until they become a fan. Then once someone becomes a fan the default landing tab will always be your wall.

Facebook allows you to show different content to people who are fans versus non-fans. Offer the non-fans an incentive to like your page in exchange for something of a high perceived value. It can be a special report, how-to guide, white paper, insider information or whatever your niche sees value in. Once someone hits the like button you can present them with a form to receive the information or join your mailing list.

If collecting the contact information is more important than getting the Like just put your form up front.

Encourage comments. Ask a question or make a statement that begs a response, especially on your landing tab. When someone posts a comment it appears in their feed and draws attention to your page from their network.

Leave comments on high profile blogs in your niche. On most blogs when you leave a comment you can also enter your website URL. Just enter the URL to your Facebook business page. The key is to leave high quality comments with valuable
information that will leave people curious enough to click through to your page.

Be one of the first commenters to get more clicks.

Hold a live chat. Organize a live chat on Facebook to discuss a topic important to people in your market or niche. Let people know ahead of time, and remind them shortly before the chat is due to start. Provide some key information to get the chat started, then respond in real-time as people ask questions or post comments.

Post unique high quality updates to your page. If you want people to Like your page you first have to give something to Like. Post information to your page that solves a problem for people in your market or informs people who are prospects for what it is you are selling.

Provide lots of high quality information on a regular basis that will be useful to people who could turn into your customers.

Pick an easy to remember Facebook URL. Once you get 25 Likes to your page you can set your own unique username for your page. This is like a domain name for your Facebook page and may look something like

This makes it easy for people to share your page. And many people who return to your page will do so because they remembered your Facebook URL.
Make your URL easy to read by using capitalization. You can see how is easier to read and understand than

Write useful articles. Create useful problem-solving articles related to your business. Think of the problems your ideal customer is trying to solve and write articles that show how to solve this problem.

Include a link to your Facebook page at the end of the article with something like “If you found this helpful please join us on Facebook.”

You can then distribute it across the web in a number of ways. You can post it to your own website or blog, or work with other site owners to have it published on their site. Many bloggers accept guest posts. They consider it free content for their site, and in exchange you get free publicity. Approach sites that are in your niche or market, but are not in direct competition with your business for best results.

You can also publish your articles to syndication sites like Ezine Articles where they can be picked up by multiple sites or used for email newsletters.
Open your article with an attention catching headline and give a strong incentive for visiting your Facebook page and Liking it. It could be a free report, part 2 of your article or a discount or coupon.

Publish a newsletter. Offer people who visit your page the opportunity to subscribe to your newsletter. Visitors won’t always Like your page on the first visit, but when they subscribe to your newsletter you can encourage them to visit again and Like your page. A newsletter is also a great way to promote your website at the same time, or encourage potential clients to contact you directly.
Your newsletter will build your credibility and enhance your reputation as an expert in your field.

Publish a short course. Offer your Facebook visitors a short course that solves a problem in your niche. Deliver the course in installments over time and in each installment tell them why they should join you on Facebook, visit your website or stop by your shop.

Post useful information in forums. Become a member of a few of the most influential forums in your business niche and post information that your clients would find useful. Answer questions that are on topics that your business serves. Most forums allow you to include a link in your signature line. Simply link back to your Facebook page.

Write press releases. Issue press releases directly to newspapers and magazines in your market, as well as online through press release services like PRWeb.
Don’t try to promote in your press release. Instead reveal interesting and noteworthy facts within your industry. Include a link to your Facebook page in the footer.

Join business associations. Find associations in your industry that publish their membership rolls online and join them. Include a link to your Facebook page in your profile.

Write a guide. Create a how to guide that solves a problem your customer might encounter or provides useful information. Include a link to your Facebook page in the guide and contact websites and bloggers and ask them to give it away for free on their site. Websites love to do this because giving away things for free is a great way for them to get more traffic, and you get the publicity.
Be a guest blogger. Most blogs are always on the lookout for contributors. Contact blog owners in your niche and ask to be considered for a guest post. Don’t be promotional in your post. Just try to be helpful and informative. Posts that are too salesy will get rejected by most blogs. It is customary for guest bloggers to get a credit at the end of the post with a link to their bio. Put the link to your Facebook page.

Answer questions on Yahoo Answers. Keep an eye on Yahoo Answers for questions relating to your niche. Answer the question in detail and explain everything. Include a link to your Facebook page. You’ll be seen as an expert in your field.

Get Likes form eBay. If you sell on eBay put a link to your Facebook page on your eBay Me page. People who are browsing your eBay listings are people who want what you are selling.

These are all ways of getting people TO your Facebook Page. But what happens after that?

You must post interesting and informative content to hook their attention. You keep them on your page longer; make them want to Like your Page and return often

Keep in mind that you’re not just going around getting people to Like your Page.

You’re here for business, right? The reason that you want people to Like your page is so that you can have the opportunity to encourage them to visit your website, or stop by your shop or call your office. You’re on Facebook to find new clients. Not just to accumulate as many Likes as possible.

Focus your Facebook marketing on attracting the most loyal fans the ones who will be most likely to buy whatever it is you’re selling.

Don’t focus on sheer numbers.

Having 10,000 people like your page looks great in your stats. But if none of those 10,000 is ever going to buy anything you are selling what good does that do you.

It’s better to have 1,000 Like your page people who fit the profile of your ideal customer than 10,000 who will never spend a dime.

If you want to succeed in business you can’t minimize the importance of putting your message in front of the right people.

People who will gladly give you money in exchange for what you are offering.

Because your offer has far more value to them than the money.

If you’re just looking to increase your Like count then this advice is not for you. Just go out and buy some fans. Of course, they will never care about a thing you have to say, and will never spend a dime.

But if you’re looking to build a loyal following that is interested in what you have to say, and what you have to offer, then this is where you start.