Are you trying to figure out what kind of business to start?

Here’s a simple question. Answer it and you’ll know what to do next.

What problem is easy for you to solve – but is hard for most people?

People will rarely pay to prevent a problem, but when one pops up they will pay good money to fix it. And when someone wants a problem solved they want it done right away.

Build your business on solving a problem and you can charge a premium price for it. Lawyers have been doing it for years. So have plumbers and computer technicians.

Business owners solve the problem of a lack of sales by buying advertising or investing in a new website. Salespeople solve the same problem by buying a how to course or attending a seminar.

When you solve a problem for someone – even when you charge for it – people feel a debt to you that they will gladly repay by sending their friends to you. Being a problem solver is the easiest way to get referrals.

Make a list of the skills you have and the knowledge inside your head. How can you use that to solve a problem that someone has?